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Researchers from these universities plan to use our data:

What is TrackTogether?

Our non-profit initiative has brought together leading software engineers, epidemiologists and public health experts to track the global spread of COVID-19.

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Your data will help scientists beat COVID-19


The data you provide us is vital to the world's research efforts to better understand COVID-19. By collecting information on virus symptoms and sharing our survey, we’ll empower:

Our Users

Share aggregated data with our users to empower you with greater knowledge of the disease in your communities

Healthcare Providers

Share critical data with healthcare providers, like the NHS, to enable them to effectively allocate resources

Research Experts

Provide the world’s top researchers with the data required to further epidemiological understanding of the disease

Survey Results


Research Partners

All the data we gather is being put to valuable use by research experts fighting COVID-19. We are collaborating with a host of researchers from top insitutions across the world.

Furthemore, we are supporting NHS England and the UK government in their efforts to manage the COVID-19 crisis. We hope to continue building partnerships like this in many other countries.

Here are some of the leading research insititutions that our partners work for:


We have brought together a broad team of volunteers with skills across healthcare, technology, design, strategy and marketing.

We are an international team and are focused on how this data can serve the global community.

We've come together around a common purpose to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us.

How can you help?

We kindly ask for your help, whether sick or healthy, by donating your data. The more responses we collect, the better we will be able to inform ourselves and researchers.

Already completed the survey? You can continue to help by sharing and nominating your friends to do so too.

While it is important to aid our national healthcare providers, we also want to empower you and every other user with better knowledge of the disease. You can view the virus' spread in your country below.

Your Data and Privacy

We are completely non-profit and will never share or use your data for commercial purposes. We also never ask for your name or phone number. Nonetheless, the security of the data we do collect is of utmost importance to us and we constantly strive to protect your privacy.

Our mission is to provide the world’s experts with potentially life saving data. To this end we will be sharing your data with researchers, local and national medical authorities that believe it could help them fight COVID-19.

If you or your organisation are interested in using this data or have any further questions, please view our FAQs or contact us at info@tracktogether.org.

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